Met Learning (Eumetcal Moodle)

The Met Learning is actually nothing more than a Moodle platform, that educators and learners can use to create personalised learning environments to support online and classroom training activities. This Moodle platform is specifically customised to support the training activities developed within the meteorological community in Europe: this is the reason for the name Met Learning. This system is provided and maintained by Eumetcal Project.

The Met Learning platform is used to support:

  • Courses and Workshops organised within the meteorological training community, primarly in Europe
  • Education and Training activities developed by Eumetcal Member States and partners for internal purposes

In this regard Eumetcal member states and partners can use a dedicated space of the Met Learning environment to organise and manage their own internal education and training activities. Several countries have ever since benefited successfully of this opportunity.

If your institute would like to have its own area to create learning environments in support to internal education and training activities, please contact Eumetcal at If you are new with Moodle, you can now learn it with the self-directed online course for trainers in meteorology available at the WMO ETRP Moodle Site. After this or if you are familiar with the Moodle, you can go to guides how to get started using the Met-learning Moodle environment at the Blackboard Help Site. 

The Met Learning site is located at, however visitors and users need personal credentials to access the site and most courses are password-protected. Queries can be sent to

See also NEWS article about migration from old Eumetcal Moodle to the new Met Learning:


ePort is an application that allows the users to visualise and combine a range of satellite images with satellite derived products and numerical model fields. The Satellite images and products are mainly from EUMETSAT, but in some cases also from other satellite operators.

ePort has been developed within the EUMeTrain project (EUMETSAT), and it has been switched to a web map service in 2015. The old ePort will still be available though support is not provided anymore. Archived ePort pages continue to be available for the near future. Both old and new ePort version are accessible via web-browser.

All images generated are automatically stored in an archive which makes it possible for users to do a qualitative research.

ePort is an excellent training tool principally meant for educators in meteorology within the European Meteorological Infrastructure (EMI) community!

The Link to ePort website is EUMeTrain ePort (

Open ePort


Within the Eumetcal framework it is possible to use webconferencing systems for real-time training, demonstration and collaboration in a flexible and easy way.

This virtual environments enable the delivery of live, online learning, training, mentoring and meetings.

Effectiveness is increased by engaging participants with the ability to talk over the Internet, exchange text messages, display live video and share applications.

Several member states and organizations have benefited of the use of Eumetcal webconferencing systems. At the moment such availability is rather limited due to the particular license scheme in use, therefore there need to demonstrate clear benefits of using such systems when applying.

Other e-learning solutions

As the e-learning solutions are developing, we are continuously following different solutions and learning technology developments like for instance authoring tools, LMS and web conferencing systems. If you have a question about an e-learning solution or you would like to start using Met Learning (LMS,) please contact

At the moment we have H5P: installed on our moodle to create interactive content for training.