MSC/COMET Winter Weather Course


The Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) and UCAR/COMET are organizing the 2018 Winter Weather Course, which includes an online component and residence phase from 22 to 26 October  2018, at the COMET classroom facilities in Boulder CO, US. The course continues to be an important component of the MSC/COMET training partnership, building stronger links between atmospheric research and operational weather forecasting. Moreover, this course is aligned with the WMO PWS Competency Framework for Forecasters.

Traditionally this course has also been opened to some European participants. This year the organisers have kindly offered room for two participants to the online component and two participants to the full course (online + residence) from Eumetcal member institutions, without course fee.

Course format

This year the format will take a change to become a blended course of online learning together with a 1-week residence component at the COMET facilities in Boulder CO, US.

The online-learning component

The online training will be mainly asynchronous, but there will likely be short synchronous seminaries led by COMET and/or MSC instructors.  The details have not all been worked out yet, but the online portion would likely consist of around 40 hours spread out over 3 to 5 weeks and could start as early as mid-September before the residence component week.  Much of the meteorological theory required for the residence component of the course will be covered during the online-leaning component.  There will be some online instructor support for participants during the online-learning component.

The residence course component

The residence course will be held in Boulder during the week of October 22 to 26th. This component will be instructor-led and activity-centric,  applying the theory learned during the online component.

Additional information and application

If you have any questions about the course content, please contact Stephen Kerr, MSC training division manager.

European participants shall be identified and notified to organisers by no later than 29 June 2017.

For any inquiry about applications to the course, please contact through your designated Eumetcal point of contact.

Detailed information have been  sent directly by email to all Eumetcal focal points, which will be kept updated on the progress of the selection process.