Meteorological Warnings course

This is a pre-announcement: registration not open yet.

The Regional Training Centre (RTC) Bet-Dagan, Israeli Meteorological Service (IMS) and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) in cooperation with MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation are pleased to invite professionals to participate in the International Course Meteorological Warnings, held 5-15 November 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In light of the partnership between Eumetcal and IMS, the course is also open to Eumetcal member institutions (maximum five participants). 


  • To discuss the possible effects of severe weather events on different sectors
  • To demonstrate modern techniques for issuing weather warnings and their disseminations.
  • To discuss ways to improve the corporation between the different key players in DRR

Target audience

The advanced workshop is designed primarily for meteorological staff of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services engaged and interested in preparing, issuing and disseminating warnings.

Course content

Forecasts, Detection and Warning

  • The role of the Warnings system
  • Warning types
  • International requirements and standards
  • Definitions of thresholds for warnings
  • Forecaster Tools for the forecasting of dangerous conditions and timely issue of warnings

Dissemination and Communication

  • Vulnerability and Risk
  • Adjusting the Communication Channel to the user needs
  • Methods and technologies for warning provision and dissemination
  • Common Alert Protocol (CAP)


  • Cooperation between the key players
  • Follow ups
  • Warnings verification

Costs, scholarships and visa

MASHAV awards a limited number of scholarships, including health insurance (see the details in the attached announcement). However most Eumetcal members, i.e. those who are EU-members, are not eligible for such support provided by MASHAV: in such cases participants shall be sponsored by their own institutions. Non-EU countries are instead possibly eligible to scholarship (to be checked with RTC and MASHAV, see contact details below).

Worth mentioning that participants from most Eumetcal member countries  do not need visa to enter Israel.

Participation costs

The airfare cost should be covered by the participant, by his/her employer, or by the granting institution. The total cost of lodging at full board for single in a double room during the duration of the workshop, including tuition fees and field trips transportation will amount to app. 270$ per day (incl. insurance). Total for the whole period is app. 2970$.

Additional information

For further information and to application form, please contact the following email contacts:;;