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CALMet 2017 conference and workshop

The next international CALMet community‘s in-person gathering is taking place 29 Aug-1 Sept 2017 in Melbourne, Australia, hosted by the the Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre (ABoM).

Do not miss this opportunity to spend four days of sharing best practices in training for the meteorological, hydrological, and climate workforce. This joint conference and workshop offers learning and networking opportunities for all participants and institutions in the CALMet community. It is assured to include a diverse and motivated group of training professionals.

  • For Registration and corresponding fees, please click this link.
  • Call for Proposals have been extended to 24 April 2017: use this link to submit proposals.
The themes of the CALMet 2017 will be:
  • Best practices in implementing learning and development activities
  • Core competencies training
  • Active teaching techniques
  • Future training needs
  • Collaboration

Since CALMet 2017 also represents a unique opportunity for European trainers to develop their skills and competencies, Eumetcal is extremely keen on facilitating and coordinating their participation in this event. Detailed information will be sent to the Eumetcal focal points of the member states about possible support to attend the workshop.

For more information

Please visit the CALMet 2017 webpage at in the CALMet Commons portal or contact: